Valley Health Pharmacies is a group of healthcare service providers that specialize in delivering unmatched care to residents living in retirement homes, continuing care facilities, group homes, residential programs, long-term care homes as well as people living in their communities. Our mission is simple: to help our clients attain the best physical and mental health outcomes while easing the burden of those who support them on a daily basis.


Our pharmacies go above and beyond the regular standard of care on a daily basis, whether it means being available 24/7/365 for our homes or finding solutions to any healthcare problems that arise. Unlike large chain providers that use a ‘cookie cutter’ model to service clients and homes, we customize our approach to best serve the clients exactly how they want to be served. With this unparalleled commitment in-hand, we are able to provide a breadth and depth of healthcare services like no other.


Valley Health Pharmacies employs over 50 employees across its Ontario locations. Through constant communication and interprofessional collaboration, we are able to better service the respective homes and clients across all locations using a team-based (‘strength-in-numbers’) approach. This ensures that healthcare provision is not compromised, effective therapies are not delayed, and the client can achieve wellness in the most efficient way possible.

In addition to collaborating with our own stores, we are also partnered with PharmaChoice, one of the largest independent pharmacy banners in Canada with over 1000 stores across the nation. This cooperative with PharmaChoice gives us buying power and strategic relationships with vendors to provide the widest range of pharmaceutical and home healthcare items. Being able to meet all the needs of our clients and homes can only be made possible with uncompromising continuity of care and commitment to wellness.


All locations have pharmacists and pharmacy team members with certified training and expertise in Geriatric Medicine, Mental Health, Diabetes, Pain Management, Addictions and many other specialty areas. We also employ and collaborate with nurses, personal support workers, addictions counsellors, case and crisis workers, housing agents, and other professionals who share the same mission as we do – achieving Wellness. With partnerships and affiliations in-hand, we are not simply a pharmaceutical care provider or medication delivery service similar to all other providers in this space; we are the most comprehensive healthcare provider. Period.