Products & Services

Free multiple daily deliveries

Guaranteed same-day, including deliveries for medication changes and switches. We can deliver multiple times daily and have an emergency delivery option if you need something delivered after regular business hours regardless of the day of year or time of day!

24/7/365 access to care and pharmacy services

Including emergency deliveries (ex: hospital discharge, etc.), or contacting a pharmacist in the event of a medication-related incident. Many providers have the after-hours call line, but they do not guarantee same day/night delivery every day of the year from the same pharmacy (some have satellite stores but then there are delivery delays and the satellite stores do NOT have a full understanding of a client's health profile)

Dedicated Pharmacy Team Members

With a team dedicated to your company or organization, your company’s staff will have all of their needs met and the continuity of care is always preserved. This helps minimize errors and provides the preferences that the clients and staff strive for. We can also provide our staff in-person to your organization to collaborate with your company’s healthcare professionals.

Medical Training Courses

Training programs that are customized for your organizational and staffing needs. This includes in-person or remote training, virtual tutorials, medical device training, controlled acts training, homecare device or supply training and certification following training. Using Valley Health Pharmacies also provides you FREE access to our online training portal, materials and resources.

Exclusive Five-step Prescription Checking Process

Our medication error rates are the lowest of any provider in this space (less than 0.001%) because of our exclusively designed and implemented 5-step checking process which utilizes technologies and analytics designed exclusively for Valley Health Pharmacies. This ensures accuracy, safety, therapeutic effectiveness and cost-savings for all of our clients.

Full-scale PPE, Ostomy, Incontinence and Homecare Devices & Supplies Branch

Ordering supplies was never so easy! Instead of having to coordinate ordering supplies with a different company, our pharmacies provide a one-stop shop for all healthcare related products – not just medication! This helps save the administrative burden of the communities and organizations we serve. The products are always guaranteed in-stock and ready to deliver at a moment’s notice (no delayed ordering process)

Staffing Solutions

Through our affiliation agreements and partnerships, we can make sure your organization and company are properly staffed with medical and health staff to ensure smooth operations. This has been a game-changer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regulatory Inspection Services

Provided by Pharmacists and specialized team members to ensure all regulatory requirements are met and exceeded.


  • Continuing Care Facilities
  • Corporations and Healthcare Agencies
  • Healthcare professionals including medical doctors and therapists
  • Long term care (LTC) facilities
  • Ontario Community Care Access Centres (CCAC’s)
  • Retail clients
  • Retirement and group homes
  • Wholesale clients including pharmacies and home health care stores

Please contact us if you wish to hear about our services or schedule a demo. We would be pleased to explain why our services and offerings are second-to-none and how we can better service yourself, your clients and/or your organization.

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